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Neue Crew: Worf (Raumanzug) 5*

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Fähigkeiten (Level 100, komplett fusioniert und ausgerüstet):
ING 1062 (111 - 209), SIC 1273 (190 - 415), MED 589 (29 - 61)

Fähigkeiten (Level 100, komplett ausgerüstet):
ING 634 (111 - 209), SIC 883 (190 - 415), MED 364 (29 - 61)

Merkmale: Klingone, Taktiker, Föderation, Sternenflotte, Scharfschütze



  • Hello

    I have a question regarding immortalising I’ve managed to immortalise 2 the moment, and my question is how do I know if I have already immortalised a character (obtained a duplicate character) once I put the original get into my fault

    It seems silly that the only was I think I can tell is by having a very good memory, or checking the vault every time.

    Is there another was/a icon I’m missing? Playing on iPhone if that helps.
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