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Stronghold of Savages 2 is recruiting!

In a fleet where there's only a handful of active players? Wanting to earn all of the daily fleet rewards? Looking for colorful characters who can help advance your gameplay?

Look no further than Stronghold of Savages 2. We have a fully maxed starbase, achieve all of our fleet daily rewards, and a fleet Discord where we discuss game strategy and post memes. We also are home to accounts from 3 former event winners, so we know how to play Timelines.

We're looking for a player who is active daily (donating to the starbase, running shuttles and away team missions/ship battles), are at least level 40 (we will consider lower level players if they're the right fit), are honorable to fleetmates, act appropriately in fleet chat (at a PG-13 level), and wear fleet tags so everyone in sister fleets can easily identify fellow savages.

If you're interested, pm me here or in game (Navarch the Second).
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