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Any FB users getting this glitch??

Don't know if this is a momentary glitch or if it's gonna be a continuing thing, but I found this today while fighting skirmishes...


  • Ok, so it's not just the FB game that has this glitch. The mobile app has it, too...
  • And it's getting worse...
  • ShanShan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Known issue we have not found the source of yet.
    When this happens try restarting, it should help.
    I am sorry, I know this is annoying.

    What ship are you using?
  • Crash41Crash41 ✭✭✭
    edited December 2020
    It doesn't seem to matter which ship I use. I'm using the Bounty for the Skirmish events and daily Arean Battle, as well as the 848 Sphere & Klingon Bird of Prey, and it happens every time.
    Even when I restart, it begins again. It seems to grow each time a combat skill is used. I saw it progress during the skirmish. My Mirror Dr. Crusher was slowly hidden by whatever this thing is
  • I guess somebody found the source because It seems to have been fixed. Thank you
  • ShanShan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Crash41 wrote: »
    I guess somebody found the source because It seems to have been fixed. Thank you

    We have not done anything, did you change ship/crew on your end when it stopped happening?
  • I didn't change anything. I was in the middle of the skirmish event. One day it was like the pictures, the next it's not.
  • Not sure it’s the same issue, but I have one skirmish crew whose background (has the level number) grows with every round. I don’t need to see the ship battle, so just letting it grow. Currently about 40% of the screen is blocked, and I can only see one number of that crew’s level. b5ucx97336uv.png
  • ShanShan ✭✭✭✭✭
    This is the same issue.
    I am sorry this is happening to you.
  • The area is now so large that the crew level number is no longer visible, and there is no visual reference from which to see further image growth. Discovered that activating the crew member corrects the issue for as long as that crew member is active. In my case, it’s Lady Sirella, and the quirk is anchored relative to her lower-left corner. If it matters, the ship is the IKS T’Ong (max’d), the crew is T’Kuvma (FFFE), Captain Killy (FFFE), Lady Sirella (2FFE) and Determined Janeway (FFFE). System is an iPad Pro (12.9 inch) [4th generation], iPadOS 14.3 (up-to-date).
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