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eXodus: Highly Ranked Fleet, 2+ UNMs/day, Max Starbase - Opening Available

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You've read through all the top posts in Fleet Central. You're toying with the idea of changing fleets. We bring a lot to the table:

Real life reasons to join eXo:
  • Stability - We haven’t had to recruit externally since May. Want proof? See the next to last post in this thread.
  • No drama
  • We fully understand and support that Life Happens. Need to take a mental health day or going on a vacation? Let us know--no worries.
  • We don't tell you how to play (although we'll make suggestions if you ask). We don't have any requirements like "achieve rank x each event or you're out".

In game reasons to join eXo:
  • We kill 2+ UNM Bosses each day and always keep NM/Brutal running for a little Magnesite/Honor kicker. We have a strong system to help you pick your setup or knock out nodes.
  • Supportive squads to help you push in faction events
  • Full honor/ISM/Chroniton rewards from daily fleet targets
  • Max level starbase for the highest possible stat bonuses

What our Discord brings to the table:
  • Dedicated channels for fleet boss battles – Our tool for solving combos is better than Datacore’s.
  • Channels to discuss Continuum Missions (including recommended crew) and Voyages, as well as strategies to maximize both features.
  • We track top 100/750/1500 event ranks so you can estimate what it might take to reach those tiers in future events.
  • An Inventory Spot Checker tool which can provide many suggestions on where to focus your farming efforts (see the next post for more details).
  • Our many channels are social optional. Please chime in for squad assignments between events, but you can otherwise be silent if you choose.
  • Datacore bot integration for all your voyage, behold, stats, and analysis needs.
  • A roster of experienced players who can tell you if that new Tuesday pack is worth 20 pulls (hint: probably not) and provide other advice as requested.
  • A treasure trove of game advice writeups. If you don’t find what you need you can ping the fleet, some of whom have been playing since launch month.
  • Completely optional: Weekly watch parties for Trek episodes--usually related to the week's event or new crew.
  • A bunch of channels for various discussions. Events? Check. Strategy? Check. Offer wall reviews? Check. (Well, at least of the old offer wall until the new one comes online...)

We also have a fleet page on the wiki.

You don’t have to take my word for it. We have videos posted from TNG/VOY/ENT/DSC/PIC actors suggesting you join Exodus. We’re not kidding!

Sounds great Spot, how do I sign up?
Thanks for asking. Here’s what we look for:
  • Level 40+ player
  • Bridge Level 13+ strongly recommended.
  • NO spending requirement – we have both whales and VIP 0s here.
  • Do your individual daily missions
  • Discord is mandatory for squad lead assignments--otherwise, if you want to miss out on all that we offer above that's up to you.

Awesome, how do we make this happen?
Use the Discord invite in my signature or ping me here to learn more.
Fleet Admiral, eXodus
Fleet Discord | Fleet Wiki


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