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H3LLHOUND5 is Recruiting

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Why haven't you joined us yet? H3LLHOUND5 is now recruiting level 50+ captains.

If you love skirmishes, we are here for you. Maybe you're not a skirmish legend yet, but would like to be. We can help you become better, as we've done time and time again for so many of our players. We have skills to share in other events too.

What we offer:

A maxed (Level 134) Starbase, so you get all the Starbase proficiency and core skill bonuses.

A multi fleet family Facebook Messenger chat and Facebook groups.

A private website for those who just don't want to use Facebook. Our website is completely anonymous.

Do you have what it takes to be a H3LLHOUND5 skirmisher? Join us for something you don't see in the game every day - A Challenge!!!

H3LLHOUND5 is a PROUD member of the
D3VIL DOG5 Family of Fleets.



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    If you enjoy skirmishes come join us. We are looking for players who want to clear thresholds. We can help with chrons management, and can help with selecting crew. Contact Firebrick @ H3LLHOUND5 in game .
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