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This is not a celebration for a milestone

To celebrate the 5year milestone:

We got:
1) Luau Paris: A great card and 4copies achievable to all. VERY NICE.
2) some chonitrons on the actual day.
3) a change to give you less credits for the first time you buy credits with dilitium.
4) a dabo sale which is good for veteran players only since you need a huge stockpile of credits. For new players it is worse then normal dabo since without addwarp you only get 1spin for 5000 credits, while you get 2spins in nirmal dabo.

Also during january, the celebration month'

New collection, but that is a regular thing and not a once-of celebration.

A much needed change giving beholds in premium packs. Great change, but an update is not a celebration.

A mini arc, which is just a story. No extra or better rewards. No special pack after. No It means waiting an extra week for a mega.

Worse LImited Time Offers, they discontinued adding cites to them. If they had done it in january instead of earlier it would have made the month feel.like a celebration.

Also some very expensive offers but without the usual cheaper alternatives.

No 390 or 490 dilitium pack this week.

I fully understand that work has gone to the new feature, the change to premium packs, new collections. All things that the game needs.
BUT would it have been so hard to give some discounts, cheaper packs, extra rewards or things that would be useful to all players. Not only those who spend lots of money or have very good rosters already.

This is like someone having a 50year birthday party and giving a nice piece of cake but charging his guests for the drinks, the toilet and the food if they eat more then just the apetizer.

Nothing special for the xmas period as wel.

The last 2years there were honor sales.
This year we got a good Paris.



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    ChaosChildChaosChild ✭✭✭✭✭
    A mini arc, which is just a story. No extra or better rewards. No special pack after. No It means waiting an extra week for a mega.

    Waiting the extra week is purely because there are 5 weekends in January this year. That's going to happen 4 times every year, fitting 52 weeks into 12 months. It's not a special occasion, it's just how the calendar works.

    I have no issues with anything else you wrote.
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    W.W. CarlisleW.W. Carlisle ✭✭✭✭✭
    This "Lasting Impressions" campaign will also be the 25th full one. I want a gold Lwaxana and she's not a bad crew. Both are collection crew too. Would have expected a bit more for the 25th. Oh, well.
    W.W. CarlislePlayed since January 20, 2019Captain Level- 99 (May 9, 2022)VIP 14Crew Quarters: 485/485Most recent/Lowest- Anbo-jyutsu Kyle Riker (1/5* Lvl 30) 5/29/23Immortalized x-866 5* x184, 4* x 490, 3* x91, 2* x62, and 1* x27Most recent Immortal - Tearful Janeway 4* 5/25/23Current non-event project- Improving my Science base skill. Retrieval Project- Mestral 1/5*
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    Zombie Squirrel Zombie Squirrel ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2021
    Overall, i m OK with how this month went so far.

    The biggest downside to me, is the lack of really great offers, so far.
    I was totally up to spend some extra cash, which now i spent on
    another game. :/

    The Honor Sale is not off for good, but only delayed until March?,
    as Ben said in Timelines Talks. No big deal, more time to save
    some honor up. 😉

    I totally understand that the special dabo sale is not perfect for many players and probably, half of the current costs(5m credits instead of 10m) would have been the better price. But at least they tried something new. 👍🏻
    •SSR Delta Flyers•
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    ChaosChildChaosChild ✭✭✭✭✭
    ChaosChild wrote: »
    PurplMonki wrote: »
    Who is the Dabo 'sale' actually for? those who are going to spend 10 mil over the week each day probably already have the dilithium or the spending power to do so regardless, new players cant afford it.

    Nope. I can only speak for myself, but I'm definitely not a big spender (campaign and monthly card, that's it) and I never have enough dilithium. But I had 96M credits available, because there's nothing to spend them on besides replicators and I tend to avoid replicating more than I have to. Credits, chrons and honor just tend to pile up unless you go out of your way to find something to spend them on.

    This dabo sale is the first time I've ever been in a position to clear the wheel. I may be the exception rather than the rule, but I'm loving it.

    Credits can be spent on 90k packs which get you crew you can airlock for honor. You get conservatively 750 honor for each 1 million spent.

    I did exactly that during the last honor sale, the 96M is just the amount I accrued in the 6 months or so since then. There's no point stocking up on honor unless there's a reason to spend it, which there normally isn't.
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    Prime LorcaPrime Lorca ✭✭✭✭✭
    A thought I had was there was a missed opportunity around the Dabo wheel sale and that was to give us all the 10million credits or so to run the wheel. It would have completely changed the dynamic. The hoarders wouldn't have been affected but everyone else would have had a chance to get that elusive "Dabo".

    Or, when ben was the fan show and announced a “dabo sale theyve never done before” he could have said “hang on to your credits”

    How hard is that? How pathetic is it that the company felt it more appropriate to withhold that information?

    They gave the advice to “hang on to portal packs” before the update was announced. Seems to me that they could have easily said “hang on to your creds, you might have a use for them in the next few weeks”

    Would it be fair if players who spent more than 1mil credits in the two weeks preceding the sale could put in a CS ticket to get them back?
    Farewell 🖖
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    Here, here. Not a celebration. Two days running I get the top 4 items/ crew on the last 4 spins. Haha. What a coincidence. And both times the legendary was last. Hmmmm, I'm feeling conned.
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    IceCatIceCat ✭✭✭✭✭
    Here, here. Not a celebration. Two days running I get the top 4 items/ crew on the last 4 spins. Haha. What a coincidence. And both times the legendary was last. Hmmmm, I'm feeling conned.

    Or, it is literally exactly as designed. https://stt.wiki/wiki/Time_Portal

    I direct you specifically to the sections title Dabo Wheel Table Odds and Chances to win the jackpot legendary crew. All the info is right there.

    The bigger prizes are harder to get, which is as it should be, IMO. Or else people would start complaining that their gold crew were being unfairly devalued because of how easy it is to get them through the Dabo Wheel.

    Not everything is a conspiracy.

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