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G5618 is looking for...

You are...
... at least captain level 60 (or close to it)
... communicative
... interested in a good fleet

We offer...
..a fully developed starbase, level 134
(so personal fleet bonuses)
... always the fulfillment of the total fleet dailies
(100 chronitons + 570 honor)
...a nice, funny and helpful community
(international and national)
... a Discord server together with our sister fleet, where tactics, strategies and this and that are discussed
...an international top 15 fleet

...a top training in our academy squad - so if you are between captain level 20 and 55, you are predestined... (Beside the advantages, which are already in the room, many captains will support you with words and deeds. And the requirements are not quite as strict...)

If you are interested, please contact me in-game ([G5618] His ChriZ-ness himself) or via Discord (His ChriZ-ness himself#4827) or here in the forum (best in-game nick and DBID - I'll find you then).

Requirements and further information:

Nur Echt mit 52 Zähnen
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