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V8.0 Steam version is a big CPU hog

Ever since version 8.0 (Steam) came out, my laptops been running MUCH hotter much more often when using Timelines. It also, seemingly at random, single-handedly spikes CPU usage to 90+%

My laptop is pretty new and packs a i7-9750H, so 90% of that is a pretty damn considerable amount of resources to be using.


  • Not sure what is happening at your end ....
    try the resource monitor so you can tell which process is actually doing the usage ... ( or in taskmanager select the cpu time column in the details tab )
    either start-run-resmon , or click the link in the performance tab of the task manager..

    For what i can tell, i have a i7-6700k , and the steam and facebook-in-edge version uses roughly 5% of my cpu time
    The windows store version is the one i am having issues with .. which runs between 25 -35% cpu usage all teh time, causing my blowers to act up abit ..

    I have seen this both at v8 and before v8

    Might be another process which is causing the high usage ... AV-scanner or a background update of another installed app ?
  • The 90% is attributed specifically to Timelines, not the overall system utilization.
  • VenimusVenimus ✭✭
    edited February 2021
    The Windows App is the same
    ~50% CPU all the time. I have i7 and sometimes it lags the whole computer.

    I found the web (browser) version significantly lighter (though sometimes crashes with out of memory errors, because browsers limit the page resources)
    This is the game running within a tab in front along with a lot of other stuff. So no room for comparison

    When the tab is in background (not active) CPU usage drops to 1%, so apparently the game is not so CPU hungry, something with compiled "exe" (which is supposed to be faster)
  • I have found that it does this usually after updates as its refreshing all the info but after running a couple of times it is negligible in cpu usage, strange that its not settling down for you.
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