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Event hub not updating Credits and Dilithium count.

Zombie Squirrel [Retired]Zombie Squirrel [Retired] ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2021 in Engineering Room
The event hub is not updating when ur credit and dilithium counts increase
or decrease during the game session. It requires a game restart to sync it.

In event hub when u tap on credits or dilithium, no pop up appears. The usual pop to add credits for dilithium or when u tap on dilithium count that leads u to the dilithium buy screen.

The chron count in the event screen is updating and showing the correct amount.

Playing on iOS.

Example below:

I spent 10 dilithium on a dabo spin, but in event screen my dilithium count is still unchanged.
Gained tons of credits while doing Skirmishes, but on event screen my credit count is unchanged.


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