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Fleet The Real Cat Menace is recruiting!

Hello to all you wonderful Trekkers and Trekkies across the Timelines!
The next Mega event is upon us and now is the time for you to make a decision. Are you in a fleet that is helping you be the best you can be? At The Real Cat Menace, we are a builder fleet meant to help you improve your game and collect the best crew! I could sit here and tell you about our fully loaded starbase, our active fleet chat, our Wardroom, fleet forum message board, or our Facebook page brimming with cat memes, or I can show you what we're all about. Presenting the TRCM Observation Lounge: www.therealcatmenace.space


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    We currently have two open spots!
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    edited June 2021
    Our Founding Admiral is looking to launch a feeder fleet, one that would not be as competitive and would favor lower level players. We will need daily players to fill the main fleet as well as new players for the feeder fleet. Once you’ve moved up in level, you could join the main fleet and compete at a higher level.
    We would be open to working with a low number fleet, merging and building with your help so that both fleets are in a strong position to prosper. Please message here, on Facebook (Keith F. Shovlin) or email TheRealCatMenace@gmail.com
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