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Level 134 Fleet recruiting - Aluminum Falcons

Hey all,

Are you doing dailies but there aren't enough other people in your fleet for the new mechanic to give you max rewards? Well, Aluminum Falcons is recruiting again. We have been active all of this time but didn't need to recruit and so have just been pottering along with a reduced membership.

Now the times are a changing and we need people again. We'll take whole squads or even entire small fleets if you want to come over. The expectations will be simple, just do your dailies. You don't even have to do them every day, just most days. The new mechanic requires that on any given day 40 of the 50 members have to hit their daily thresholds, so there's definitely leeway baked into that. We don't care what level you are, we don't care what timezone you are in, we will honestly leave you alone if you're happy to be left alone. You can also make active squads with other members, everything is on the table.

Come make use of our max level Starbase.

Look us up in game, Aluminum Falcons! Give us a few days to blow the cobwebs off everything though. :)
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