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Crew retrieval is enabled for some players!

@Shan The feature still shows up as disabled in the player.json and Crew Retrieval is not available under the Manifest menu, but some players are able to access it from the temporary achievement button related to retrieval. That button doesn't work for me but it does for others who have gone through the tutorial and retrieved additional crew beyond tutorial's Data Q.

The amount of available quantum is also bugged for those players and seems to be out of sync with what the server thinks.


  • Yes, I can confirm that this is the case. But the temporary achievement button stops providing this naughty shortcut once you log out of the client and back in again.
  • ShanShan ✭✭✭✭✭
    We noticed the issue late last night and took steps to prevent from happening.
    For the Quantum count, let's see if it is still an issue once Crew Retrieval is turned on.
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