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90000 credit pull.

Hi TP,

I and many others have pressed the 'buy again' button when using this pack in the portal. It saves time. Should we have been banned for using this 'buy again' button or is his one ok to press?


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    And why do packs I buy not have the button?

    Why should dil users get a speed advantage when I’m spending 250 dollars to try to get First to Max and fail?
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    They put the button in there. Why is it my fault that some developer didn’t know what s/he was doing? And a 3 day ban is excessive.
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    Here is a link to a thread showing pictures of the button that invited us to 'buy again'

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    TrollitaTrollita ✭✭✭✭
    @[CH] OsirisSonOfGeb (retired) I know anytime game devs dook the bed players throw around the rage-quit threat, but if I’m going to get a ban and my prior resources wiped, while other players get to keep playing, keep their prior earnings, and be allowed to mash the button just like I did, I’m quitting.

    Mistakes or incompetence are one thing, but this seems petty. It’s like leaving a plate of cookies out with an “eat me” sign next to them, punishing the child who grabbed two by putting them in the corner without dinner, then giving another child the entire plate to eat while the “bad” child watches. I ain’t playin’ that.
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    dext74dext74 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Every 90,000 credit pull ( from the time portal) when pulled, gives the option to 'buy again'. Just like THEIR pack yesterday. Alot of us spam buy them, or used to, in order to use up amassed credits and convert cards to honour.

    Well if you would stop hoarding credits this wouldn't be a problem 🙄
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    Ha ha!

    Stopped hoarding anything now.
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