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End the Ban and give us an honor and crew sale!

@Shan For those of us who hit a button y’all put in the game and got a 3 day ban, I feel like there needs to be more than a reinstatement or some sorrychrons. How about showing some good will and offering a honor sale? Or a crew sale? Or maybe both?


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    Or, how about saving this game, because TP/WRG is killing it...and not in a good way with this fiasco.
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    DittoDitto ✭✭✭
    ... what button? O.o *looks around in a panic*
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    I wouldn't say no, but I'm not holding my breath.
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    I see that in a recent message that we all now had 19 "free" pulls, and I used them. If I do that math, it makes me on par with the original group that found your mistake. So now everyone has it, which does make it fair.

    Thanks for the considered post. 👍

    Just for the record though, we are not on a par - I pulled less than ten and have been banned. Go figure.

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    That’s too much.

    The only and proper response form TP/WRG would be to take away all things that players accumulated through clicking that “Buy Again” button, say sorry it was our fault, and give away 20 pulls for free as a bonus second to a a daily retrieval (leave it as a daily). It’s not that you could easily do something with those constellations, you need dilithium or money to make a use from them.

    For players who doesn’t pay this will not change a bit. For those who pay, they will get few characters and stars to immortalize those which they have already. For whales, they already have everything so they don’t care about this new feature at all.

    So putting a ban for 72 hours on players for their own mistake is ridiculous. That decision was made in a hurry, and you can see that in every post/message from the team. :-)
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