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Just Do Better? Try Progress? Work hardeR Guys? *Sigh*

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Or maybe we should and get a game where the devs care.

I have one.

This grown-**tsk tsk** man was crying on a YouTube livestream with 65K viewers because his teams messed up the game's one year anniversary festivities.

That game, translated into STT terms, basically had Premium Packs (kinda like Elusive Treasures, but with 5 guaranteed Legendaries) and Cash Purchase Packs that did not drop anything randomly during their one year anniversary fun.
Packs only dropped a select permutations of things and this got tracked down on Twitter.

During that time, the game had also given out a bunch of game currency (120 dollars worth!) to use.
And the Special Purchase Packs were awesome too, if they had worked well.

So let's just say a lot of people used that currency and their cash.
The bug caused a much larger mess than today and the game ended up pulling the packs.

What, oh what, did they do to those of us who did buy the packs?

- Didn't blame us (ha!).
- Took down the bugged packs.
- Took a couple days to check what happened.
- Acknowledged the issue, down to the time it was happening.
- Let us keep any premium pack loot we got using the 1 year anniversary currency gift AND refunded the currency anyways.
- Refunded the cash purchase packs AND let us keep the loot we got.
- Gave us an additional 40 dollars worth of premium currency as a sorry.
- Reposted the fixed packs AND let everyone pull them again.

Guess who paid for the same packs a second time?

It's not that hard.
Be nice to your customers and they might be nice back.

At least they might use the cash on your game instead of a pitchfork.

(Yeah, I'm not as funny as SilverRose. Sue me.)


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    Forgot to mention.

    The game above is the Japan edition of War of the Visions.

    If you haven't played many micro-transaction games outside of STT, you'll be surprised how well other games and developers treat you.

    I certainly was.
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    One thing the Offer Wall did for me was expose me to how other companies run their games. Some are great, many are not. However, I have been surprised at the number of games better run than STT. Many fewer glitches, cleaner UI, just overall better quality.

    But none of them (other than Fleet Command) have my beloved Star Trek characters. :-(
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