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Mayday Comms from the Brig (satire)

Riker's islan{DD}Riker's islan{DD} ✭✭✭✭
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Admiral, this message come to you via an old subspace channel we used to use in the academy. I just hope Lt Riker is manning the comms when it reaches you - he will surely now of it, based on his escapades at the academy!

Hope all is well on the battle front! I know the crew will be doing their best carry the extra workload in these interesting times. Do keep an eye on Ensign Sato, she has tendency to not compete her daily tasks.

The brig at Starfleet Command is functional & comfortable. I have yet to receive my rations, although I very much doubt the current command structure will be adhering to regulations as we know them.

I have not been interrogated yet and am using the idle time to practice my Vulcan Meditation to build ability to resist their questions.

I will attempt further communication every so often - although I have no way of knowing if you are receiving these and no equipment to receive any hails from you!


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