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Time offline in fleet list is incorrect

The time offline in the fleet list is bugged, it doesn't match what their time offline is if you open the player profile
The player profile is their correct time offline.



  • Been that way since forever, though.
  • Only thing i can think of is one shows Last Login time and the other shows that last "action" time (i.e. the last time they interacted with any game feature, hence the slightly different wording

    One says "last seen" and the says last online

    At the worst - its a bug - no matter how old it is, and at best its poor UI design
  • DAEDAE ✭✭✭
    Hm?? Yes long standing issue but how about a reverse example?
    This actually happened. After last upgrade, one of my fellow fleet members was unable to log in to original existing acct on steam. However, that member continued to show daily “last seen”. Very odd for this member who is consistent daily contributor. I was finally contacted by this member on a second acct of same name. Who told me to boot the original and replace with the new lower lvl acct.
    Both accts are still in my friends list. My best guess??? Apparently whenever this player logs in to steam it produces the “last seen” time reset marker. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
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