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SSR Drone Rangers, 132 SB - LF members or merges

The SSR Drone Rangers are looking for members, either individuals, or smaller fleets who are looking to merge and try to hit these daily targets. There is no pressure to compete in this fleet, we're just looking for active members and to create a fleet where people feel at home, while looking to grow.

We will not pressure you to complete dailies, we just want players to have fun in bigger numbers and not feel alone in dying fleets.

We have an optional Discord server, with members of the other SSR fleets, where you can be a part of a greater community. The game is best enjoyed in community with others. You could lurk, or participate as little or as much as you want.

If you are interested in joining, or want to explore the possibility of merging, shoot me a message, or find me on discord (SSR Barkley#7048)
/SSR/ Barkley - semi retired
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    CyberbenCyberben ✭✭
    edited February 2021
    Hi Barkley !
    I'm not the Admiral, but more like the communication officier.
    I'm part of Québec Alliance, we have 29 active players atm, all french speaking, from Québec, France and Belgium. So it's not easy for us to recruit, even if about 10 of us are binlingual. And with the new feature, we just hit the 400 ISM mark.

    Most of us use our Discord server to communicate, because it's comparable to the STT server with the Datacore and Bots to advise us on Behold, voyages lenghts, Starfleet messages and Crew stats. We translate everything for our Captains !

    We have a core of very competitive maxed players, and a structured plan to help up comming Capitains as well.

    Our Starbase is at max level.

    So,, here's what i'm getting at:

    We are willing, to join the SSR familly, is we keep control of our fleet, our sovreingty and language.
    We would become SSR Québec Alliance.

    We can modify our Discord server at will to accomodate english speaking captains, as needed. The ingame chat is barely used as well.

    If you can supply us with players, i think we could make something very interesting.

    Let me know how you feel about it


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    SSR BarkleySSR Barkley ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi Ben! While I'd love to work with another group of people, we're not looking to expand the number of fleets within the SSR family. Our goal is to give a home to people who need it and a chance at higher fleet rewards as we already have a place for that in the TDR fleet.

    SSR already has a discord with our fleets and it's a good community of folks, whether it's the veterans providing insight to newer players, or just a place to hang out and relax.

    You already an established discord server and a separate language than our own. The best chance of a successful future for you is to find another fleet to merge with that speaks the same language as you, so that there are no language barriers and a better chance for your own community to grow.

    (I'm assuming your language is French?)

    If I hear of other people/fleets looking for a fleet that fits your description, I'll send them your way.
    /SSR/ Barkley - semi retired
    Second Star to the Right - Join Today!
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    Thank you, for the swift response, and your time.

    Yes, we speak french, and i appreciate very much your offer.

    Good luck on your recruting, be assured, that i will do the same on my part ;-)
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