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DCC has an open spot (and cookies)

DCC is currently looking for Captains of any level. Join us!

About you: We’re looking for Captains who enjoy getting 11/11 Daily Missions every day. Whatever your experience level, you’re looking for an active Fleet community that celebrates each other's accomplishments and helps you to be the best Captain you can be.

About us: DCC is an international Fleet that welcomes Captains of any experience level and doesn't have any VIP or minimum shuttle requirements. Most of our Captains range from Monthly Card to VIP 14, but we also have a couple of F2P Captains. DCC is a laid-back, low-pressure Fleet, yet we manage to maintain an average event rank of 109 (2020). Along with our friendly Discord full of helpful tips, you'll also enjoy our maxed starbase, providing you with full starbase bonuses - plus honor, chronitons, and ISM every day. We do realize that you have a life outside of STT, so if you need some time away, just let any Officer know.

If you’re interested, please PM our Admiral, @[DCC] bebe (on Discord or here, on the forum).


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