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The Canadian Federation - LF Members or Merge

We are a fleet of approx 20 active users. Many of us (myself included) have been playing for years. We have room for new members and/or are looking for other small fleets who would like to merge into our fleet.

You are not required to participate in all events, but we do ask that you are an active player. We are just hoping to grow into a larger fleet to hit daily rewards.

Message me if interested in merging or find our fleet in the game and feel free to join us!


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    How about merging with Canada Period 2?
    We have 27 members and starbase at level 114.
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    If you would like to merge with us that would be great! We have a lvl 123 starbase. We also have a fb page if people want to connect outside if the game.
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    I tried to find facebook page but didn't find it.
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    Hi all. I hope you find a merger that works for you.

    But if a merge leaves a few of your fleet members out due to lack of space, my fleet (Emergency Fleet Hologram) has a few spots open. We’d be happy to absorb them.
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    CFOH is an established alliance with multiple fleets, we have openings for individual players and whole squads. We have 3 basic rules: be active, be willing to communicate, and be courteous to other fleet members. We even welcome other fleets into the alliance if our values are similar and you want to be part of something bigger. We have off game chat on LINE and Discord. Message me if interested.
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    CyberbenCyberben ✭✭
    edited February 2021
    I'm CyberBen, from the Québec Alliance fleet. We are also looking to increase our number of players, since the new fonction came into effect.
    We are currently 25/29 active players, so we have plenty of room to accomodate you all, if your interested.
    We are a french speaking fleet, half of us are from France and Belgium, and the other half are from Québec (and binlingual).
    We have experienced players, who are very competitive and upcomming & very eager ones as well.
    Our Starbase is at max level.
    The core of our fleet communicates via our Discord server, wich has many tools to keep us informed and guide our growing Captains, such as:
    -a monitor bot, that transfers all Starfleet in game message on Discord.
    -a Datacore that gives Behold advice and Voyage estimations with a simple screenshot. And full data and rating for Crew on demand.
    - multiple links to usefull tools as well.

    The attached pic says 35/50, but 6 players are mia for a long time.

    We would be glad to accommodate you all.

    Let me know how you feel about it.

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    Good luck
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    veXveX ✭✭
    We are still looking for a smaller fleet to merge with us.
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