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What do you hear, Starbuck?
Nothing but the rain, sir.
Then get your phaser, and bring the Tribble in.
Pew pew pew

The Colonial Fleet Ohio, one of the best alliances in Star Trek Timelines has spots open for captains of all levels and play styles. We are a family friendly fleet with three core values:
Be Active
Be willing to communicate
Be Courteous to other fleet members

The goal is to have fun playing the game and make good friends along the way.

CFOH has several fleets with players of all levels, F2P to VIP 14. All are welcome with no pay or rank expectations. We have folks that play casually and those that go for top ranks, several fleet rank #1s and 3 solo event wins.

Multiple fleets with max bases that hit all the max dailies
Growing fleets looking for active players that want to build up a fleet.
Even a laid back fleet for folks wanting to have fun but can't be active daily.

Have fleet chats on LINE and Discord.

Want to find the right fleet for the right player, even if that isn't us then there is no hard feelings. If you are interested please PM me Spottswood#7612 or [CFOH] WeAreBorg#7874 on Discord or leave a reply here. We have seats open for single captains, whole squads looking for a more active fleet, and would welcome in other fleets to the family if our values match.
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