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The Gluten Empire (We hit our dailies, yo)

After Bannedgate and the ensuing mass exodus, TGE is looking for a couple of new members to fill our roster! We are one of the oldest social fleets in the game, rank top 10 for most events, but we pride ourselves on being the fleet that doesn't take itself too seriously or whatever. As our recently retired admiral put it, "Come for the fun times, stay for the game, we guess".

Our starbase has been level 134 since 1992. We hit our daily fleet targets every day even when we're short a few members. We have resident expert arena, event, gauntlet, voyage, breadmaking, alcohol and meme specialists who can't wait to give you (un)solicited advice. What more could you possibly want? Nothing? Didn't think so.

We don't care what you spend. We don't care what parts of the game you enjoy the most or what event types you play hardest. We only ask that you:
- be level 40+;
- have three shuttles;
- play your dailies daily (or let us know if you're going to be away);
- and join our discord server to we can keep in touch with you as needed. You don't have to pay attention to discord unless something urgent comes up, but, really, with fleetmates like us you'll want to pay attention once in a while. Plus our discord bot is kind of great and does the things with the thing that makes computer go brrr.

It will really help if you're a good personality fit too. If you have to ask what that means after reading all of the above, well, all I have to say to that is [Skeletor emoji] [Gowron emoji]

For more info check out our wiki page - and then slide into my DMs and set up a time for a chat!
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