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Mirror Armada Recruiting

The Mirror Armada consists of two max-Starbase fleets. Our newest fleet, ISS Crazy Horse has some open spots while our flagship, ISS Yamato is currently full. Our only armada-wide rules are to be cool to each other and to respect that IRL always takes precedence.

Our only request for ISS Crazy Horse is that you achieve your dailies most days. We don’t have any weekend “requirements” for this fleet at this time.

Our flagship, ISS Yamato is an elite fleet that finishes top 5 in most events. It is currently full with 50 strong captains, but when openings arise, we look to Crazy Horse first for recruits. Yamato looks for daily players who make legit attempts at threshold each week.

We have a very active Discord server for both fleets. Joining is not required, but is encouraged.

Please send me a pm if you are interested.


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    calsnowskiercalsnowskier ✭✭✭✭✭
    ISS Yamato has one opening. We are looking for a daily player who shoots for at least threshold each week. We finish top 5 most weeks (we finished 4th in this just finished event) and hit all fleet dailies every day.

    ISS Crazy Horse also has openings. For Crazy Horse, we are looking for daily players (no weekend expectations at this time).

    Both starbases are maxed.
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