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Proposal for Daily Missions

RC AustinRC Austin ✭✭
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Now that daily missions for each player are a fleet requirement, fleet admirals & other fleet officers need a way to track which players are finishing their daily missions.

Of the eleven daily missions, only three count towards target scores: away missions, shuttles, & space battles, which require twenty, seven, & twenty from each player to complete their daily missions, respectively. That only tells us that if a player doesn't get 47 daily targets by reset, they couldn't have done their dailies that day.

However, just because a player gets 47 daily targets doesn't prove they finished their dailies. A player could donate 700 materials towards the fleet starbase, spend dilithium to reset donations, then donate 240 more materials, and get 47 daily targets without finishing any dailies at all...and take a lot less time doing it then it takes to do all eleven daily missions.

A mostly active fleet of fifty might never get 40/40 for daily missions under the rules as they stand right now. All that fleet needs is eleven players who never finish their daily missions. 22% nonparticipation, which isn't hard to imagine, but is hard to prevent. The other 39 players who take the time every day to help their fleet would be at the mercy of those eleven & those 39 would never even find out who they are.

At the very least, admirals have the right to know which players are keeping the others from getting the ISMs they need to keep up with the whales. Daily targets won't tell the story. The story needs telling.

I don't write in the forum much. But this is important.


  • DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    You are not wrong. This is something admirals have been seeking for a long time. However, the last 200 ISM is not important enough to me to kick someone out over. I think if what you seek happens, lots of players would be booted out of lots of fleets. I am part of a more laid-back fleet. We hit 39 complete once, but have always hit over 30 since the first couple days. Sometimes people are just more able to participate than other times. In this last event, 3 of my squad beat top 300 and one beat 800. But one didn't get any points (nor rarely does). But I will never dump anyone. I am proud of out 44th place squad win, but I would be less proud if I thought my squad thought they had no choice. We play our own way. Thus, I disagree that completing dailies is fully a fleet thing. But that is me. If my fleet suddenly went more serious about enforcing participation, I would like the extra 200 ISM, but I would like the fleet less. If you are in a fleet that has always had a more hard-line, than I expect this idea would be very welcome. I would just be concerned by how it might affect the more laid-back fleets. We saw here the initial panic as people abandoned their long-established medium fleets and small fleets out of fear for getting less ISM. I agree that that information is good for admirals to have, but I fear what some admirals might do with more power. Personally, I could count on one hand the number of times I missed dailies in the past 3.5 years. But I never feel forced to do it.
  • You make a good point. The fleet I was in didn't get intense until after the rule change. After it got intense, we started losing players. I've since left that fleet after I got bullied, which really hurt...I was its most active member for over four years. I wrote strategic information on the fleet Facebook page about three times a week, wrote half a dozen fanfics to try to prop up morale, and recruited half of the members. The game is changing. People are wondering about the game's future.
  • the future is so dark I had to stop wearing shades
  • SoupKitchen RikerSoupKitchen Riker ✭✭✭✭✭
    I agree it would be nice for admirals (and officers) to be able to see that information. I do not think our fleet would use such information to boot someone. We typically only give the boot if someone goes AWOL for awhile without saying anything ahead of time (and at that point they aren’t doing dailies anyways).
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