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Is your Timelines crashing on Android? Update Android System WebView and Google Chrome to fix.

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I'm posting here rather than Engineering because this isn't a Timelines issue per se and a lot more people look here than there.

Starting this afternoon (3/22) a number of apps that rely on a Google tool called WebView have been experiencing crashes. Myself and members of eXodus are seeing it with Timelines. You can read more about the issue here.

I don't plan to try uninstalling anything, but I've found a temporary workaround is to go into Android's apps menu, and clear storage for Timelines. It will load and run for a while, but until it's fixed if you have to reload the game you'll have to do the same thing again. If you don't have your Timelines account linked with Google Play Games then you'll have to login to the game again as part of this.

EDIT: Google has fixed the issue; you need to update to the latest versions of Android System WebView and Google Chrome via Google Play.
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