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My 700th Crew

First, it was absolutely great to get all the input for my 675th crew. It was a fun endeavor and I was going to repeat the process and have you guys vote on it for the 700th.

[Tuvok mode]however[/Tuvok]

This coincides today with the honor sale, and I will have to now say it is up to the Great RNG to whom I end up with for this milestone.

I have had a ridiculous run on Begolds in the past couple weeks (currently hitting about 22%), and between that and my 4/4s from events, I immortalized over 15 crew this month alone – mostly golds! I also had a 50/50 from Crew Retrieval between Virtuoso Doc and Mobile doc (for Cheesecake *s), and got Virtuoso for his 5/5.

Here are the 4/5s I would have had choices of, (outlined in blue

Which crew would you have chosen for me, had you beed given the option?


My top 3 would have been:
Bridge Officer Number One - What's not to like about this one?
EV Suit Nahn - she a strong card and I like her character
Regent Worf - to complete Klingon Collection + he's cool

I will post the completed 700th when I get into the honor sale a bit...
I want to become a Dilionaire...


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    Automaton_2000Automaton_2000 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Wrathful Kirk is a total icon. Gotta be him.
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    Its Wrathful Kirk...I can hear him screaming every time I see the card. That and he's a great piece for your collection.
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    cmdrworfcmdrworf ✭✭✭✭✭
    Gary 7
    Sir, I protest! I am NOT a merry man!
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    Gary Seven
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