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Game crashing after log in - Android

Usual start to the day, in the morning I played my main account (send shuttles and do a dilemma), change accounts to do the same for my alt and it runs through the splash screen, starts the configuration messages and just closes. Tried numerous times during the day.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled 4/5 times, even started a new game to L3 before trying to switch accounts and it still dies in exactly the same place. Can get around the daily stuff but will make faction events unplayable. Any ideas?


  • The problem is with Android - this happened to me, and it was because there was an update to Android Web View that tanked your system. I followed this page:


    It's an easy fix - find the app, uninstall/delete the update (leave the base app alone) and restart your phone.

    This affected many apps on my phone, and I thought I was going to need another one. But, after this fix, we're good.

    Hope this helped!
  • Team ZeroTeam Zero ✭✭✭
    Excellent, thank you! All sorted and back to normal ahead of the event :-)
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