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12h "Twice the Rewards" offer. How long for next?

question. How long time additional legendary gold offer preventing me from new same offer?
"Twice the Rewards" offer, i mean. This offer pop-up after pick up any 5*. 12 hours timer for offer, gone than. when i can receive new "Twice the Rewards" offer?
- 24 hours from start previous "Twice the Rewards" offer?
- 24 hours from end previous offer?
- Time Portal reset time?
- Dailies reset time?
- ?

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    EnderWEnderW ✭✭✭✭✭
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    You're asking how long is the cool-off timer between the double your crew, when you get a legendary (5 star) card?

    If I'm correct, the timer is 24hrs from when the offer was activated, or 12hrs after the offer expires (since it's a 12 hr offer).
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    guest_1337guest_1337 ✭✭
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