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New "Bridge" Brag Display

Most of the players in my Fleet use their "Bridge" to display crewmembers they are proud of, or that would be useful in upcoming "share" crew for faction events. This is fun and useful, but flawed. The problem is, replacing crew for display is a tedious process, since it's tied to ships being used on missions. It also limits displays to a maximum of four crew members, which is often inadequate.

I would love to see a crew display option that can be viewed by clicking on the name of the "Captain" that is no longer connected to missions.

Instead, add another clickable icon next to the "favorites" heart on each crew card, but this icon is for "Bridge Crew" that would allow the selection of up to six crew members to display on our "Bridge" in a style similar to the six-crew displays we see for sale in the time portal.


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    A friend of mine pointed out another flaw in the current method of displaying crew when you click a member's name. In his words, the "*#**#@ awful interface for selecting crew on ships!"

    Crew selection for ship battles is pretty awful. The lack of sorting or searching makes it very hard to find the crew member you want to display, particularly if it's crew that doesn't have the skill required by a slot.

    So another reason why the "Favorite Crew Display" should be seperate from mission battles.
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