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RAGNA{DD}OG5 is recruiting!

VecVec ✭✭
edited March 2021 in Fleet Central
Star Trek Timelines becomes way more interesting when playing at a community level:
  • fleet Gauntlets
  • achievements bragging
  • Messenger chat and Facebook page
  • promotions and inter-fleet assignments
  • fleet ressources, hints and shortcuts
  • help build the community
  • set an example, and be proud to be a {DD} officer


RAGNA{DD}OG5 is the 7th of, and the newest addition to, the D3VIL DOG5 family of fleets.


RAGNA{DD}OG5 is currently at LVL 105 and looking for players like you to set an example and lead the fleet. Visit our Star Trek Timelines Wiki page - RAGNA{DD}OG5 and contact Admiral Vec.

Fleet Search: RAGNA{DD}OG5

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