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Chapter 11 released early for Completionists

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In-game Spoilers Ahead

I guess all the time and money I dropped into this game got me access to something special. I've went out my way to make sure I collected all crew, fully maxed out and completed all 10 chapters on my main account. Sure, I had to take equity out of my home (don't judge please) to stay up to date with having all the crew and equipment. For the most part I just pursued this as a way to feel at ease for having accomplished something. I really didn't think anything would come out of it. Then today, I see some new areas of the map pop up. I looked at my map and places such as Irtok, Maranga, Rigel and Betazed popped up.

I went in quite excited. At first my game crashed. I came back into the game and tried it again and sure enough it took me to chapter 11. All of the missions were exceptionally hard and required one specific crew to complete such as needing a mintakan (Troi). In addition to that you needed to hit a crit to even have a chance of passing with the stars. The story itself starts by congratulating you on overcoming your harshest critic, you. And that now the conclusion to temporal anomaly is at hand. You enter the Q continuum with the help of Q (as God) to ask for assistance from the continuum. You then have to prove your worth intellectually then in ( a ship) battle. They give you a hint that the answer lies with the prophets. That takes you to DS9s wormhole. You confront them and they state that you created the temporal anomaly by entering the game and therefore a pocket dimension. They then tell you that the only solution to undoing the anomaly is to exit the game as you are the constant between all the timelines. They tell you that not leaving keeps it open and then encourage you to return to your own dimension to spend time with your friends and family because your own timeline is finite and coming to a close soon.

I went to check my other accounts and didn't see any ability to travel to the planets mentioned above even though on those I completed all 10 chapters, thus my assumption. In any event, I feel a sense of closure with the way the story ended and I think now I'm done trying to be a.completionist and will spend more time in my own dimension as the conclusion was quite poignant.


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    AviTrekAviTrek ✭✭✭✭✭
    It's one thing when companies/websites post cute April Fools jokes. Do random individuals really think they're funny doing this themselves?
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