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Chroniton farming?

JC022JC022 ✭✭
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Hello all!! I am a LONG time lurker and recently joined and began engaging. I've read a ton of old posts just working on gaining info and improving my game. Fingers crossed my experience here will be better than Discord... but that bar is low :) anyway! I am an upper 80 level captain and I'm generally doing well in my estimation but I always seem to want for chrons. My equilibrium stash is around 30k but that isn't good enough given my goals... I almost always get 10 hour voyages (I can't remember the last time I didn't), I take advantage of the M/W/F cadets and set timers for the double/warp, and I've recently studied up on tanking shuttles and will resume working on that after this event. That's the one missed opportunity I've identified. I've gotten back into gauntlet fairly heavily (also with timers) as the chrons there are a thing, I guess! One of my newer things is I'll buy the $10 crew offer if it's an added star, just because there are 1,250 chrons there too so it sweetens it enough for me. The $10 chron "LTOs" are obvi not a good deal so I don't bite on those. I can only whale to the beached level, I can't hang with George and Gracie!

Other than event crew I have an incentive to level up sooner, I don't level crew besides skirms. I replicate heavily. I save for skirms and level plus prefarm for galaxies there. I usually skip galaxies (just go to whatever level at or below the third super rare), and I've only once gone for a top 750 rank in a galaxy (I WAY overshot into like 200ish but that's another story and a lesson learned :)) Other types of events my ranks are better (top 25) - just saying that for context on where I am in the game.

I understand not everyone likes to talk strategy but for anyone willing to chat, am I missing any farming opportunities? The VERY VERY impressive @Bylo Band - a true asset to this community in my view as a lurker, and who I have admired for a long time as a reader but not a commenter, mentioned a Chron guide but I haven't had much luck searching old posts. I'll be really appreciative of any help and thanks in advance to all!! Happy eventing for Humaru!!

Edit: Forgot to add, I am wondering if extending voyages is something I should be doing. I'm not sure how the math works out. My current voyage matches all the traits and is a lock for 10 hours. I have about 20-25 revival tokens and I was looking to save for Colonel Worf as a cog in the Klingon collection. Given the voyage bug I would think I'm better off extending voyages for chrons since I'm into that, but I am not sure at all how to maximize that.


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    DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    Extended voyages are nice on occasion. But best to save for periodic very long voyages to go after the elusive 3-parters. When I was quite a bit newer, I frequently extended because there were still so many 4* crew I didn't have. Now I have almost all the 4* crew in the portal immortalized. I can only think of one 4* crew in the portal I have zero copies of. I don't worry about the voyage bug, personally. I only had one time having an issue that a restart didn't fix and opening it on my other device worked. I know it is a real issue because I read about it, but I advise you to be aware without being fearful.

    Chroniton farming: mostly, have consistent voyages, which you do, and do all your dailies, which I assume you do. I also assume you claim all three free chroniton recharges each day and time the ads to get ten extra each time. Two other sources: first, always run gauntlet every 4 hours. You should be getting a thousand chronitons a week from there; second, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday cadet missions should be run with careful timing to use an ad-double each time *and* timed so you get your free ad-warp every four hours.

    Basically, to maximize your chroniton increase, you need to be very aware of your adwarp timing and be on the game more than is healthy.
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    DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    For galaxy events, set a goal. It used to be that 650K was good for top 1500 (aside from exceptional crew). The.new structure hasn't been around long enough to get a good idea, but I would aim for 800K for one copy of the gold, and 1.2 million for two copies. Setting a goal will help you avoid over-shooting the mark.

    Also for chroniton saving, do a minimum of leveling each day and then binge with a supply kit during events. Please note that advice must be adapted based on crew needs.
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    JC022JC022 ✭✭
    Thank you! This is all very helpful as I refine my farming techniques. I didn't realize Gauntlet could be such a source so I'm sucking it up and playing more.
    I downloaded a multiple timer app which I'm sure many use. So I am with you on the "playing more than healthy" part of it! :)

    I just leveled up Barry & Amal and it killed me spending chrons (with a supply kit of course), lol, but they're helpful this week. I replicated a ton including several gold items. I'm not one with millions and millions of credits but I've been able to have 5mil ready for each retrieval and the $1 daily credit offer is always there if I get desperate... Other than leveling up event crew when needed for a faction I want to compete in, or I guess a galaxy event crew if I'm going to stop my boycott of those events and try to compete again, I am only spending for dailies. Will also start ad warping more toward dailies and to farm on the more expensive items as I am out of a couple already after the last skirmish. That is something I can easily do timer wise after finishing my cadets with warps.

    Appreciate the info and your taking the time to share with me. Thanks again.
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    Team ZeroTeam Zero ✭✭✭
    Sorry if I'm missing something here - you're trying to keep a level of 30k chrons, for what goals exactly? 30k isn't a shortage, you can do whatever you want with that amount unless you're going to go hard on several galaxy events consecutively.

    Amal and Barry weren't difficult builds and didn't need loads of chrons or reps, for me anyway, so maybe your farming isn't quite as focused as you think? Or you're using the stuff on the wrong crew when you get it?

    Personally I do 8 and recall voyages for the most part as it fits my daily life, although the temptation with the recent crew is to go for a natural 12, but it doesn't fit my routine, I'll sort one out sooner or later, probably later.

    If you're looking at chrons as a reason to spend, you have too much disposable cash, send me some, I'll buy beer!!!!
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    JC022JC022 ✭✭
    Hey and thanks very much for your response @Vid :) I'm very sorry if my rambling posts don't make sense as I could only blame myself for that, lol! Things are often super clear in my head but then it's like duh of course they weren't...

    30k chrons seems to be where I always end up. I hoarded for a bit before the Spock fusion Skirm and got to *almost* 60k, went hard and got under 50 rank. Back at 30k lol. I just always seem to wind back up at 30k. Just looking to see if I'm missing anything and I've gotten some great tips so far and appreciate them very much. I'm at a point every refinement is small but valuable.

    I will agree my farming is not focused and I never thought it was, lol, just kind of refining strategy here hyper specific to chrons. Farming is a whole other post and I'm just thinking about farming chrons though you lead me to what I'll have to math out next, farming stuff...

    Anyway, I prefer vodka by the way ;)

    haha thanks again for taking the time to read and reply and I appreciate it very much. Wishing you a great event and all the best :)
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