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Choose to live! Join Anonymous Redshirts – Full Starbase, no VIP requirement

Emperor Borg Drone (SC)Emperor Borg Drone (SC) ✭✭✭✭✭
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Are you a fellow redshirt, tired of a captain that gives you no recognition and constantly sends you on dangerous away missions?

Join our fleet and enjoy a safe life of coasting along the nicest star systems of the galaxy!

You will meet a crew of friendly veteran players that have been around since year one and can always give you useful advice and tips.
You can also choose to play casually and keep to yourself. We don’t require socialization. Or event ranking. Or spending.

Here’s what we require:

- Minimum lv 30.
- Daily missions should be completed 5 days a week.
- That’s it.

Here’s what we offer:

- A complete starbase and all daily fleet rewards (we do sometimes miss out on the last tier of ISM, especially on the last days of the campaign).
- Up to 8 days off each month. Longer vacations are possible if real life gets in the way, as long as you tell us about it.
- A Discord chat that you can join if you want to, where you can ask for advice, socialize and share your achievements. You can obviously do that in the in-game chat too.
- A friendly environment with no drama. Lots of very different people from all over the world.

If you're interested, please leave a comment, send a request to the fleet or send me a message here :)


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