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shuttle mission crew requirement

starfoxstarfox ✭✭✭
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hello, i notice some factions like federation usually just require one person. im guessing thats because ive done so many of them from events. how long does it take to get to a level for a certain faction to get down to that one person mission? i have them all at honored. right now most of the factions require at least 3 people. some , like borg, are at two per mission, probably because of frequent use from events.


  • hermdelicahermdelica ✭✭✭
    From what I've seen, each faction seems to have its own characteristics; I don't think there's any enforced consistency between them. You've already seen the Federation frequently has 1-crew missions. Other things I've noticed:
    • Augment missions have Medical requirements more often
    • KCA missions tend to have a lower score required for completion

    I'm guessing each faction has its own library of missions and the developers have never bothered to audit/align them in any way.
  • starfoxstarfox ✭✭✭
    thanks for the info. i have been doing only section 31 shuttles every day thinking i could get it down to 1 person missions but i guess thats not possible . i didnt consider that the 1 person federation missions were something only they got
  • You can find a list of all the faction missions here: https://stt.wiki/wiki/Faction_Missions
    They do not change.
    hermdelica wrote: »
    [*] KCA missions tend to have a lower score required for completion
    This is not inherent to the faction. It is likely that you have simply run fewer KCA missions than others. When you succeed at a mission, faction difficulty increases. When you fail, it decreases. Eventually, you should expect to reach an equilibrium of all factions having an average success chance of 60%.
  • starfoxstarfox ✭✭✭
    awesome thanks for that wiki link. that helps a lot
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