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ISS Yamato needs your help


We are a top 5 fleet but need help to improve. Two of our longtime captains have retired this week. We are looking for daily players that reach for hitting threshold. If you don't make it this week that's fine, you can try again next week.


We have a discord channel to bolster the bad in game chat and to provide game play suggestions and hints.

If you're still improving we also have ISS Crazy Horse where we ask folks to do dailies but you can play to improve to move to ISS Yamato.

Please leave message me here or in game if you want to join a good group of players.

.|. You Rang? - Lurch


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    We have filled one of the positions but are still in need of brave captain to help us in our exploration and having fun in the universe.
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    calsnowskiercalsnowskier ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2021
    Our sister fleet, ISS Crazy Horse, has some spots available as well. We are looking for relaxed most-daily players. Our goal is to get to max daily rewards everyday.

    Our armada consists of 2 active, max Starbase fleets (and a parking lot for those looking at extended leaves) and a very active Discord channel.
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