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Obsidian order section 31 maxed out Star base,Fun Line Chat, open enrollment captain level 30

We play this game not just to kill time, which is fine by the way. Most of us do not just play the game just to collect our favorite Star Trek characters, which is also fine. Most of us play because of our culture. We have a LINE chat where we share pictures of our pets, we also have several tattoo collectors, we share those photos too. Basically we have a really fun time. Also we happen to be quite competitive. Recently we had several veterans retire after accomplishing everything you could accomplish in this game.So we’re trying something totally new if you’re highly motivated with a captain level of 30 or higher we will give you a shot. Normally our requirements are a level 50 or higher. A minimum ranking of 10,000 or better in events. If you’d like to be part of something that feels like a group of friends having a drink and sharing their experiences give us a shot.PS if you’re into single malt scotch I could really use someone to talk about that with :-) live long and prosper
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