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Advice on encouraging daily goals?

Our fleet, FREEDOM FIGHTERS!, has been around since fleets were first added. We're casual and low stress, but expect daily contributions and event participation. Other than booting members left and right, is anyone willing to share what they're doing to encourage daily targets?

Thanks, fellow admirals and officers,

[FF] Admiral Founder


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    We are a casual but well-organized fleet (not saying you aren't). We have fleet guidelines that all members, old and new, agree(d) to which includes completing dailies.

    Playing the game, which means events and dailies, as well as communication with officers or the admiralty, are my two big requirements. We have a generous leave of absence policy and a junior fleet if you need to be away for some time (we have one member that just went for basic training in the military and will be away for a few months). Since the start of ISM, we missed 2 days of full dailies and they were just a few days apart.

    That said, I think that for an old and venerable fleet like yours, you either have to keep the low-stress, laid-back approach and expect that dailies may not always be completed, or you need to find ways to enforce the minimums. I've told my members that my expectation is that we will hit our dailies every day. That means that only 80% of them have to do all of the dailies (40 of 50) to reach that target. That is enough slack in a full fleet to expect it will be done.

    I would say set those expectations and then enforce them. Booting members left and right isn't good for anyone, and certainly not the admiral, but strategic trimming of those that benefit by consistently letting others do the work for them to benefit by is worthwhile.

    Let me know if you have any questions about our processes or whatever else you might want to know.

    Admiral of the Inner Planets Alliance fleets
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