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Solution to Window Store app crash on launch

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Background for US folk and WRG: As per EU anti-competitive law, Microsoft has to maintain a modified version of Windows for this region that does not include Windows Media Player, Music, Video apps, Voice Recorder, and Skype. This is called the N edition (similarly, KN edition for Korea). These features can be installed separately as an optional component called Media Feature Pack and you will want the N version of this feature pack (for the N version of Windows). It can be downloaded from Microsoft's website or via the Settings app in Windows, but you probably already know of it if you're in the EU.

Issue and solution: For some reason, newer versions of Star Trek Timelines from Windows Store have some sort of dependency on this Media Feature Pack because the app crashes on launch if the pack is missing. This is not an issue just on new systems sold within the EU, but also on newly upgraded Windows systems as the optional pack always need to be reinstalled manually.

@Shan it would be great if this dependency could be somehow removed or if players could be informed at game launch that this feature pack is necessary. I was getting really frustrated and for months I had no idea why the game does not launch anymore, until I randomly thought to install the media pack. The Steam version runs without it but it comes with a constant window resizing issue on high DPI displays to the point of becoming unplayable.


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    ShanShan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thank you for the detailed report, I will forward it!
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