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Shan's PSA: I will be unavailable from 08/13 until 08/22 included.

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While regular communications will happen in my absence please understand there might be delays.

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German 5618 is now looking for...

German 5618 is now looking for 4 new captains...

2 "Normal" so level 60+
and 2 "Academics" for training, level 20+


We offer...
..a fully developed starbase, level 134
(so personal fleet bonuses)
... always the fulfillment of the total fleet dailies.
(100 chronitons + 570 honor + 900 ISM)
...a nice, fun and helpful community.
(international and national)
... a Discord server together with our sister fleet, where tactics, strategies and this and that are discussed

and you are...
... a captain who plays daily.
... at least captain level 60 (or close to it)
... communicative
... interested in a good fleet
Requirements and more information:
STT Wiki G5618

Interest aroused? Please contact me in-game ([G5618] ChriZtobal) or via Discord (ChriZtobal#4827) or here in the forum (Best with in-game nick and DBID - I'll find you then).


G5618 | SB 134 *KLICK*

Nur Echt mit 52 Zähnen
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