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Mirror ISS Armada Continues to Grow

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The Mirror ISS Armada recently welcomed some old friends into the fold. ISS Kongo has come on board to bring the armada to 3 max Starbases.

ISS Yamato is typically a top 5 fleet in events. We are currently at 50 members.

ISS Kongo is typically a top 10 fleet in events. We are also at 50 members.

ISS Crazy Horse is a more relaxed fleet. All we ask is that members complete daily tasks. We are currently at 42 members and are looking for younger players who want to learn from some of the more experienced and knowledgeable players in the game.

We have a very active Discord server that is recommended, but not required.

Please drop me a PM here or in game if you are interested in joining the family. You can also PM anyone with our sword tag .|. in game if interested.


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    One of the best things in the Armada are the folks working together. Below are two folks in the Armada and what they found when joining the fleets

    "... Here are the things I have liked the most:
    1. Learning new strategies in the game. For example, I didn't know that.... (edited to not give away secret tips in public)
    2. The fact that EVERYONE contributes. In my old fleet, I was responsible for 95% of the points gained during events. And I wasn't an officer or anything! The fleet was basically abandoned. But here, everyone contributes and it feels like a team effort. That means we all get to benefit, e.g., having worked towards and obtained a level 134 starbase.
    3. The drive to do better. It's not that there is pressure, but with everyone contributing so much, it inspires me to contribute more. Before joining, I would usually get up to around 130,000 points in an event, enough to get the 3rd star for the crew being offered. I rarely ever completed all thresholds. Since joining, I think I've completed thresholds in all but one event. I've acquired a lot more crew as a result and have a stronger game, making it easier to complete those thresholds in future events.
    4. The camaraderie. Everyone is very nice and strives to make the fleet a welcoming place. It's fun to share in excitement of people placing well in events or reaching some new goal."

    From another person in the Armada:
    "For me joining Yamato was great because I got to see other people's playing philosophy and reach out for help from experience players when I need it. Also hitting the daily targets is important and that is consistent here. In my last fleet the leadership was not great participation in events and daily targets was spotty at best, it is a huge improvement. Plus everybody has a good sense of humor and is pretty laid back."

    Contact anyone with .|. in their fleet tag in game or me here.

    Admiral of ISS Yamato
    .|. You Rang? - Lurch

    p.s. I also function as the butler and janitor when needed.
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