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New tool STTEVE available to STT community (BETA)

I'd like to introduce a new tool for Star Trek Timelines community - STTEVE (Star Trek Timelines EValuation and Extraction). Available at https://stteve.eu
This tool takes your game data in JSON format and creates CSV files ... just like famous DataCore.

Why should I bother if DataCore does the same?
Because STTEVE adds new columns with additional information to "crew.csv" and "ships.csv" files and also generates completely new CSV files.
What's new:
* crew.csv - columns to distinguish and identify crew duplicities, base skill values, arena bonus ability divided into type and value, skillsets calculated from current skill values, crew levelling cost, CAB Power Ratings values
* ships.csv - current and maximum level in separate columns, verbose information about all ship's battlestations
* gameinfo.csv - verbose information about your game (basic stats, fleet, buffs!, replicator uses, shuttles, factions, voyage!, campaign, events, achievements, collections and more)
* tinygameinfo.csv - excerpt from "gameinfo.csv" that contains only basic stats, buffs!, voyage!, replicator uses, scans and crew retrieval currencies
* crewretrieval.csv - you crew retrieval inventory (polestars, constellations; and current amount of ISM and quantum to provide complete information)
* viablevoyager.csv - Viable Voyager Tool related data (calculated for all crew, not only legendaries)
* Configuration options that allow you to have control over the generated content. For example, you can generate CSV files "almost compatible" with DataCore.
* Option to download all CSV files in single ZIP file to save your time.

Who can be interested in STTEVE?
1. Players who created their own spreadsheet with game data (just like me) and use CSV files from DataCore to maintain it with current data. STTEVE can provide you with more data to sort, filter and analyze.
2. Authors of other community tools. The "tinygameinfo.csv" file can give you information about player's buffs and voyage so that players wouldn't have to enter these values manually in the spreadsheet. (Could be interesting for @Captain Idol, @cmdrworf and others.)

Status of STTEVE
Consider STTEVE to be in BETA phase right now. It works well with my game data but I need to test it with more game data from another players. BETA also means that the structure of CSV files could change according to your requests for new features.
I will welcome your feedback, bug reports and feature requests. You can post your feedback in this forum or submit it on newly created STTEVE Discord server https://discord.gg/pxCEuuzc5J
Thank you.

STEVE uses some data from another community tools and projects with the consent of their authors - specifically: DataCore, CAB STT Power Ratings, Crew Cost Viewer and The Viable Voyager Tool. Many thanks to @(A) Traveling Man, @JimBerlin and the dev team of DataCore.
And of course, big thanks to WRG/TP for creating the Star Trek Timelines game. And to @Shan for passing me useful recommendations.

Please be patient when you push the button to generate output files in STTEVE. It takes some time to upload about 3 MB of game data to server. And more time to process the data and create required files. The file download should start in 10 seconds, at the latest.


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    Sven LundgrenSven Lundgren ✭✭✭✭✭
    Can you get merits added into the tinygameinfo.csv file?
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    tyllanthortyllanthor ✭✭✭
    Can you get merits added into the tinygameinfo.csv file?

    Good point. I totally forgot them.
    The tool was updated. Merits were added to both "gameinfo.csv" and "tinygameinfo.csv" files.
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    Good stuff. I really appreciate that you've made it where the output retains compatibility with community tools.
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    Just tried it out. Great tool, thanks!
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    tyllanthortyllanthor ✭✭✭
    edited January 2022
    Just tried it out. Great tool, thanks!

    Thank you for your feedback. And some info for others. The following new features were added to STTEVE website at the end of the year 2021.
    - Output for CIVAS (but I agree that DataCore has more user-friendly solution to this)
    - New color themes for web pages (Light, Borg and Klingon)
    - New page TLLT = Tyl Lanthor's Little Tools (see more info below)

    TLLTs are five simple tools that I made first in my own spreadsheet for personal use. I put them to STTEVE website because I thought that they could be useful to somebody else. They could be handy for early-game and mid-game players with limited crew and/or other resources.
    I found out later that some tools were already made by other people. Maybe next time I should look around before I start working on anything new :)

    TLLTs are:
    1. Smart Voyage Recall
    I use this tool to calculate the time when I should recall the voyage so that it ends right before the faction event starts. My strongest crew from voyage is available for the event, then. The tool requires the remaining time to event start (shown in event hub) and current voyage length (shown on voyage screen).

    2. Estimate voyage remaining time
    Estimate your voyage remaining time by entering remaining amount of antimatter. The tool uses formula from STT Wiki. (I know that DataCore voyage calculator can provide more accurate result but TLLT can be used for quick estimate without downloading the JSON game data.)

    3. Skirmish to finish
    Calculates the number of skirmish rounds you must complete in order to reach specified target number of victory points. You can check your progress in the event this way. Number of rounds and required amount of intel and chronitons are returned by the tool.

    4. Crew training optimizer
    This tools calculates optimal amount of trainers to reach next "threshold" level (to unlock all item slots, i.e. 10, 20, 30 etc.). Maybe more like a toy than a tool. But could be useful to beginners who have limited amount of trainers.

    5. Gauntlet simulator
    Calculates the chance to win a gauntlet round. This tool is no cheater because it counts with probability. The tool simulates high number of random battles and compares wins and loses. You can lose even with high chance to win. The final decision is up to you.

    You can also use the auto-fill feature to fill the tools with current values from your JSON game data (the same data you import to DataCore).

    I will welcome your opinions about TLLTs.
    EDIT: Direct link to TLLTs is https://stteve.eu/?page=tllt
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