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Dilithium Wall offers

I have played loads of games from this wall offer. For the most part I have enjoyed playing them for the little time I play them. There have been some good games and some not so good. It has made me realise how good this game is when it comes to offers etc. I have sort of ran out of games I want to play now.
I played The Walking Dead Road to Survival. Been a fan of the show since it started and thought this would be a good to play. It has got to be the worse game I have played. I have videos on You Tube and been on the group page to find out the best way to get the reward. It seems that it impossible to get the reward with out spending any money.
I am playing at the moment Looney Tunes World of Mayhem. It looks like I going to have the same problem where I wont get the reward. I am enjoying this game at the moment. Both these game are from the same company.
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