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EOD REBORN is looking for you...

Hello Captains!

My name is ChriZtobal and I am a member of German 5618. https://stt.wiki/wiki/Fleet_GERMAN_5618

Today I present you a new and exciting project:

The foundation or rather the revival of EOD REBORN. The fleet currently has only 5 members and shall be rebuilt to then supply G5618 with well trained, equipped and willing Captains. Of course, Captains can also stay there and support the fleet. EOD's SB is at level 108, so there will be plenty to do.

The know-how of the always helpful Captains of G5618 can be accessed at any time and of course with pleasure.

The requirements are similar to those of G5618. Only not quite as strict:

82 dailies are mandatory

In terms of crew development, I personally recommend even more to be able to compete relatively well and quickly. Apart from that, this is very easy to achieve.

Events should also be participated in and then a minimum rank of 20000 should be reached.

The donations for the SB should always be exhausted

That's easy 35 points for the dailies (provided you donate 700 components - and if you develop your crew quickly, Killefitt)

I am well aware that especially in the "build-up-phase", chronitons are very rare and valuable. That is why they should only ever be exhausted. So less pressure in this regard.

Nevertheless, a full exhaustion would be desirable to level the SB.

Discord is also mandatory, because the ingame chat is - let's say - modest. Other than that, it's our communication tool.

I know, I know....

This sounds like a lot of mandatory, but if you play daily, it's really dead easy to achieve.

Whether it's a small fleet or a squad or individual captains.... There is an exciting project waiting for you. And you can identify yourself with what you have built...

Here in the forum I read very often, the fun is in the foreground and that is also with us so. But as the saying goes? From nothing, comes nothing....

If you are interested, please write me here or via Discord to ChriZtobal#4827.
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