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Time Portal Update, new trait, Elusive Treasures, and a temporary achievement! Edited

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Greetings, Captains!

Ahead of our mega-event that will be announced soon, we’re going all out with a Time Portal Update accompanied by Elusive Treasures, and a temporary achievement!

You’ve been asking for it, and it is happening, it is time for a Time Portal Update!

The loot tables for Premium Rewards, Basic, and Merits packs now include the following crew and schematics. For Voyages, the loot tables were updated with the 4* crew listed below.

All crew added with this update will also be made available via Crew Retrieval meaning that new constellations and polestars will be introduced to the game as well.

Time Portal update crew/schematics additions

Admiral Georgiou
Punk Rocker

George and Gracie
Lt. Booker
Nepenthe Riker
Restless Trip Tucker

Altan Inigo Soong
B.G. Robinson
Boreth Pike
Brigitte Torres
Camp Nurse Janeway
Courier Zareh
Cyrano de Barclay
Dignitary Sarek
Edward Larkin
EV Suit McCoy
EV Suit Phlox
EV Suit Pike
Fair Haven Harry Kim
Flustered Jett Reno
Geskana Tucker
Grandmother Kes
Groom Worf
Heist Bashir
Karyn Archer
Kestra Troi-Riker
Kivas Fajo
Lieutenant Georgiou
Lt. Commander Dexter Remmick
Lt. JG Martinez
Maquis Takeover Paris
Mike Burnham Sr.
Mirror Chekov
Mirror McCoy
Mr. Vup
Ransom Shran
Reclamation Narissa
The Colony Tilly
Traveler Wesley
Vashti Picard

1701 O'Brien
A.G. Robinson
Activated Dahj
Adira Tal
Age of Sail Picard
Alicia Travers
Ambassador V'Lar
Archer and Porthos
Awaiting Amanda Grayson
Booker and Grudge
Breen Disguise Kira
Caldos IV Crusher
Captain Erika Hernandez
Captain Solok
Carlos Data
Courier Burnham
Determined Paris
Doctor Van Gogh
Dr. Edward La Forge
Dr. Roger Korby
EDF Adira
Emory Erickson
EV Suit Spock
EV Suit T'Pol
EV Suit Worf
Facer Rios
Fisticuffs Sisko
General Oh
Homesteader Janeway
Humanoid Figure
Kamin Picard
Kay Eaton
Kevin Uxbridge
Klingon K'Ehleyr
Krenim Guest Chakotay
Lady Sirella
Leila Kalomi
Linnis Paris
Luau Paris
Maquis Takeover Seska
Marine Q
Mirror Saru
Mok'bara Crusher
Mother L'Rell
Nepenthe Troi
Polaric Janeway
Prisoner Kim
Shiboline M'Ress
Technician Fisher
U.S.S. Zheng He Riker
Young Anya

Schematics added

Generational NX-01 Enterprise
Tholian ship
U.S.S. T'Kumbra

Borg Queen's Vessel
I.S.S. Discovery
IKS Negh'Var
Krenim Weapon Ship
U.S.S. Prometheus
Warship Voyager

- New trait: Tribbled
A new trait, “tribbled”, has been added to the game and to the following crew:
1701 Sisko, 1701 Jadzia Dax, 1701 Bashir, 1701 O'Brien, Captain Lucero, Tribble Herder Scotty, Trader Worf, Trader Odo, Edward Larkin, Tribble Quark, Captain Tribble, Agents Dulmur and Lucsly, Barry Waddle, and Arne Darvin. Tribbled .. tribbles?!

It is also time for Elusive Treasures!

You have until Wednesday, August 4, around noon ET (16:00 UTC) to score some limited-time crew not yet available in our regular premium packs.

Each Elusive Treasures 10-pack offers 10 Beholds for a Super Rare or Legendary crew, and guarantees at least one Legendary Limited-Time crew among those listed below.

Our Elusive Treasures temporary achievement is back!

Claim one Elusive Treasures 1-pack by completing the relevant temporary achievement.
This temporary achievement will be available to all starting on Wednesday, July 28 at 1 am ET (05:00 UTC).

Goal to achieve: Start 50 shuttle missions.

The achievement will disappear on Wednesday, August 4 at 1 am ET (5 am UTC) at which time you will no longer be able to claim the reward.
So make sure to claim the reward before that time.

That’s not all, as announced a few weeks back we’re also discounting the Legendary (5*) Citation!

From Tuesday, July 27 around noon (16:00 UTC) until Tuesday, August 3 around noon (16:00 UTC) the Legendary (5*) citation will cost 40,000 Honor instead of 50,000, a 20% discount.

We hope you will enjoy all of the above.
Thank you for playing, and for your continued support!


Elusive Treasures Limited Crew List


Arne Darvin
Barry Waddle
Bridal Deanna Troi
Captain Picard Day Picard
Captain Saru
Captain Tribble
Century Nurse Crusher
Countess Regina Bartholomew
Desert Ben Sisko
EV Suit Mayweather
Fal-tor-pan Spock
Grecian Carolyn Palamas
Human Saru
Jennifer Sisko
John Frederick Paxton
Kal'Hyah Bashir
Klingon West
Lothario Q
Lt. Commander Raffaela Musiker
Luma Rahl Kira
Mirror Doctor Culber
Party Tilly
Platonian Chekov
Qowat Milat G. Burnham
Regency Riker
Reunion Spock and Kirk
Tactical MACO Mayweather
Tactical Stamets
Tribble Quark
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Miller
Xahean Adira
Xindi-Aquatic Councilor


Agents Dulmur and Lucsly
Alternate Harry Kim
Amal Chakotay
Android Mudd
Antedian Assassin
Anxious Kirk
Archaeologist Q
Bajoran Culber
Bride Kasidy Danielle Yates
Cellist Adira
Century Guinan
Cosmo Traitt
Crashed Tuvok
Desert Jake Sisko
Displaced Molly O'Brien
EV Suit Garak
Henry Starling
Human Neelix
Investigator Laris
Kal'Hyah O'Brien
Lt. Rizzo
Midwife Worf
Mirror Montgomery Scott
Off Duty Janice Rand
Resigned Picard
Risa Bashir
Trill Burnham
Union Chakotay
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