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[TGE] The Gluten Empire Is Now Recruiting

Attention Captains stuck in barely active fleets! Calling all Captains stuck in the same old squadrons with the same old players who never log in! The Gluten Empire is recruiting and we have a spot for you!

We are one of the oldest fleets in the game, often finish top 10 in the events and is filled with active players both competitive and casual. Want to make a push for the top 50? We can help you with that. TGE is the perfect spot for a veteran player while also being a great fit for a newer, lesser experienced player looking for a fleet to allow them to get the most out of the game.

What The Gluten Empire can offer: • Maxed out Starbase • Daily targets, • Regular squads, • Discord server with tons of useful resources and a "fully functional" bot, • Experienced captains able to give helpful advice • A fleet that likes to have fun.

What we are looking for: • A sense of humor • Join our discord server • Minimum of three shuttles • Captain Level 35 (negotiable) • Desire to enjoy STT in a active environment with colorful and funny folks • No VIP requirement or expectation to spend any $$

Check us out at https://stt.wiki/wiki/Fleet_The_Gluten_Empire and if you think you would be a good fit PM me (or post here.)


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    We are an extremely active fleet, making all our targets. We have a couple current members lloking to retire from the game and we are looking for replacements. PM me if you want to join an active, busy fleet with regular squads and a crazy, fun dynamic discord server.
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    Had a surprise loss of of member this morning -- which leaves us with an opening. If you're looking for a change, in a dead fleet or want to be in an active fleet, shoot me a message and let me tell you why The Gluten Empire is the perfect fleet for you.
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