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Announcing our August campaign: Cyberneticist


Greetings, Captains,

There is one week left to complete the “Run the Gauntlet” campaign!

As a reminder, campaign tiers can be unlocked with Dilithium at any time while the campaign is active. Tap on the “+” icon above the tier to purchase it, this can be helpful if you find yourself short on accolades while trying to unlock all tiers before the campaign ends.

Cyberneticist is the theme of our next campaign!
It will feature Altan Inigo Soong 4 *, and Leah Brahms 5*.

This campaign will start on Thursday, August 5 at 1am ET (05:00 UTC), and end on Thursday, September 2 at 12:59am ET (Thursday, September 2 at 04:59 UTC).

Thank you for playing, live long and prosper!


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