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[Bart's] Barts's Mid Iowa Fleet is now recruiting!

KopaceticK[BART'S]KopaceticK[BART'S] ✭✭✭
edited July 2021 in Fleet Central
Greetings captains!

Are you newer to the game and never been in a fleet, in a dead or very small fleet, or just looking for a change? Come join us at BARTs, we offer a fully stocked Starbase and competitive play while still relaxed. We only ask for mostly daily SB contributions, otherwise play & rank as you'd like. All players levels 30 & up welcome. Have a small group? We can accommodate 4-5.

Benefit from long time, knowledgeable players, several playing for 4+ years and lvl 99+, and some new players sprinkled in. PM me or contact Adm DeeMentia in game for details or questions! FB and discord available to fleet members but not required. Thanks for looking & LLAP.

Cap KopaceticK
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