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ISS Yamato is full but ISS Crazy Horse has 4 openings

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ISS Yamato has an opening for a brave captain.

We are a level 134 fleet that regularly is in the top 5 for events. We are active, do dailies, and donate to the base to receive the maximum honor, chrono, ISM, and replicator rations. Folks are here for playing and having fun. We need your help to be better!


The Armada is comprised of 4 various levels of play.
ISS Kongo is a top 10 fleet
ISS Crazy Horse is a top 50 fleet
ISS Vindicator is our party, vacation, and training fleet
ISS Yamato is a top 5 fleet

We ask for daily players that donate and play weekly events. If you don't make threshold, there is always next week.

We have a combined discord page to chat, share our wins and losses and tips for the game.

With your help we can be better.

Below are some quotes from Captains that have joined our ranks.

"For me joining Yamato was great because I got to see other people's playing philosophy and reach out for help from experience players when I need it. Also hitting the daily targets is important and that is consistent here. In my last fleet the leadership was not great participation in events and daily targets was spotty at best, it is a huge improvement. Plus everybody has a good sense of humor and is pretty laid back." - h

"#474. Never been this high on a faction event. Last time I did faction I was on the wrong side of 1500. Joining Yamato has really amped-up my gaming, so thank you for having me aboard..." - V

.|. You Rang? - Lurch


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    We have filled the position with a new captain. With their help we were able to move up in the ranks a tad in ISS Yamato

    ISS Crazy Horse
    We still have a couple of openings in ISS Crazy Horse. We need your help to improve our fleet!


    Contact any player with a sword .|. in game or contact me directly.

    .|. You Rang? - Lurch

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    calsnowskiercalsnowskier ✭✭✭✭✭
    Don’t sell yourself short, lurch…

    You are the HEAD janitor!
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    Just call me PLO - Permanent Latrine Orderly.
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