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Looking for something to excite me. The giveaway Spock looked cool but his stats disappointed. The event crew art is great but the stats are disappointing. Scapegoat O’Brien was great but served to highlight the discrepancy between his stats and all the others we have been getting. I loved the Kukulkan as an avatar but his stats were not great either. The nerf of Platonian Chekov was a huge blow to me and Captain Burnham’s stats a big letdown for such a critical moment in her character arc. So I am looking to be impressed and inspired again. Make the new Honor Hall Crew amazing. Give us some top 10 voyager crew in events. If not top 10 at least top 25. Give me something to spend my dilithium on and fight for. Give me something to love the game again.
Let’s fly!


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    (HGH)Apollo(HGH)Apollo ✭✭✭✭✭
    Great art is not enough.
    Let’s fly!
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    Great stats aren't really enough either. What do we use the crew for when we're already bursting with the top tiers.
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    DScottHewittDScottHewitt ✭✭✭✭✭
    Maybe Borg Queen Seven will bust out the good Stats/Traits.

    What if I told you not every single nit needs to be picked literally to death?
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