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FREEFOM OF SPEECH fleet is recruiting! Learn to play logically and stay with us just for 1min a day!

Interested in UFOs or old humane values? Or: Want to play with success, easy and fast? If you can use Discord, we may be your future home fleet. Private message me if interested. We are maxed (maximized = 134 level fleet) and have great resources, help and knowledge.

What we offer:
No hard pushing, no need to spend real money, yet at the same time we regularly rank around 100th place!
Fully active fleet - all members are active so you don't have to worry that you work and others do nothing.
At the same time, very little is requested from you - we found that people play voluntarily more though.
Functional chat (unlike the broken in-game chat) on Discord server full of resources and awesome gameplay tricks we invented ourselves.
Family environment, everyone is friendly and glad to help.
Politically incorrect space, politically free space. Conspiracy theorists and anti NWO people welcome.
Once again, lots of tips and tricks and gameplay instructions for your growth - you can learn fast with us.
Lots of awesome resources in topics of Star Trek movies, fan-made movies, Roddenberry behind the scenes information, UFOs, conspiracies, ancient aliens and forgotten civilizations and their technologies.

You need to join our Discord server (a communication platform) and check regularly for messages.
You need to play daily for minimum of 50DT which can be done in just 1 minute of daily gameplay.
If you are to miss some day, you have to report in advance that you take leave (not limited, as much as you need).

Message me if interested or find me in game as Jean Luc Dali (go to Fleet>find the yellow "+" mark under the "Members" title and click on the "+". Then click the magnifying glass icon and type "Jean Luc Dali" and click the arrow next to it to do the search - then click my picture and then on right click the talking bubbles to send me message. Since the chat is broken you might need to message me repeatedly. I always respond so if I don't, it means something went technically wrong. I am new on this forum so not sure how often will I be checking this place, so for that reason I gave you the instructions how to find me in the game.
I am very much looking forward to meet another human beings! Humanism is my "other name".
admiral Jean Luc Dali of the FREEFOM OF SPEECH fleet

If you feel like others are not following human values anymore or you are fed up with censorship or you are UFO and conspiracies "enthusiast", then reach to me, we are recruiting - see our ad: https://forum.disruptorbeam.com/stt/discussion/18591/freefom-of-speech-fleet-is-recruiting-learn-to-play-logically-and-stay-with-us-just-for-1min-a-day#latest
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